The Miramichi

Mount Saint Joseph is located in the beautiful Miramichi, specifically in the former town of Chatham, New Brunswick. When the term Miramichi is used, it is a multi-level concept. The Miramichi is a river, a city, a community, a region, and a state of mind. Located on the northeast coast of New Brunswick, the Miramichi encompasses virtually all of Northumberland County, an area of 4,720 square miles.  Its main artery is the Miramichi River itself which is the second longest in the province. The City of Miramichi was born January 1, 1995. It was the result of a plan to bring together the major communities around the Chatham – Newcastle area, so that all communities could work together in the promotion of the region. The City of Miramichi has a population of approximately 22,000 and is the most centrally located city in the province. It boasts a modern regional hospital, 2 Nursing Homes, three industrial parks, several recreational centers and marinas, a Community College which also offers university courses in conjunction with several universities, a retirement village, as well a most amenities found in a modern city. The City is rich in recreational and outdoor opportunities with numerous baseball parks, softball fields, track and field facilities, golf, course, curling rink, and city wide walking trails to name a few. The river itself is famous for its salmon fishing and natural beauty. The Miramichi is known as the “City of Festivals” including the Irish Festival every July, and the Miramichi Folksong Festival which is the oldest of its kind in North America. Other celebrations of heritage take place throughout the year such as the Scottish Festival, and the Acadian Festival in August, as well as numerous pow wows in the Native Canadian communities in the area. The Miramichi is known for its rich cultural heritage and its friendly people.