Resident Attendant Program

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This program is 16 weeks


1. High School Diploma, GED or Equivalent
2. Criminal Record Check for Vulnerable Sector
3. Social Development Record Check

For further information call 506-778-6550 ext. 6558
or email Glenda Lavigne, Director of Education
[email protected]

**This program cannot be taken by International Students due to the length of the program

To take advantage of the Government Funding Programs please contact Working NB to make an appointment with an Employment Counselor.

In Miramichi the number to call is 833-998-2659

or contact your local Working NB Office

The Resident Attendant (RA) is part of a team whose primary responsibility is to provide basic nursing care to residents of a nursing home, under the direction and supervision of a Registered Nurse (RN). The goal of care is to assist residents in achieving their optimal level of health through therapeutic interventions directed towards promotion, prevention, maintenance, rehabilitation or palliation.

The Resident Attendant is expected to provide resident care in compliance of the nursing home’s policies and standards and adhere to the nursing home’s Mission Statement.


Our Goal is to Educate Capable, Knowledgeable Employees

What Can You Expect From This Course?


This is a Healthcare course, the safety and health of those you care for is our top priority. Elements for successful completion of this course will be graded on meeting the needs of your residents/patients/clients.


  • Provide care to residents experiencing complex health challenges, cognitive and/or mental health challenges, end of life or palliative care
  • Provide effective working relationships with healthcare teams and achieve goals
  • Recognize and respond to own self-development learning and enhancement needs
  • Perform the care provider role in a reflective, responsible, accountable and professional manner.
  • Utilize proper body mechanics


Our 16 week certified program is designed for very specific training in Long Term Care, providing the students with the necessary skills to enter the workforce quickly, competently and safely.


  • Students receive at least 960 hours of classroom instruction. Each student must successfully pass both written tests and practical tests on Handwashing, Bed Making and Bed Bath along with completing an assignment of Elder Nursing Interview. A final exam is given at the end of the course, covering all of the curriculum taught.
  • In addition to our core subjects, students will also receive a certificate in New Brunswick Food Handler; CPR; Strengthening Families; Back in Form and Palliative Care.
  • Extended practical experience in various long term care settings.
  • Working along side long term care staff in nursing home and the community. This includes shift work that provides the students with a well-rounded experience in Long Term Care.


Successful completion of the Mount Saint Joseph Resident Training Program enables graduates to work in any Long-Term facility. Many are hired by the community partners who assist us with their practical placements.

Our past graduates have been offered employment in various areas such as nursing homes, Hospice, Home Care agencies, Special Care Homes, and Adult Residential facilities around the province.

“4 Months ago we hired a student from the Resident Attendant course given at Mount Saint Joseph Nursing Home. We have since then had no regrets. This Resident Attendant has showed nothing but professionalism and great work ethics. His ability to care for our residents is truly outstanding. We wouldn’t hesitate one minute in recommending that course to anyone interested.”

Josee LesGresley, Complex Rendez Vous
Directrice des operations/Director of Operations

“We were fortunate here at Rexton Lions Nursing Home to recently hire a graduate student from the course that was offered at Mount Saint Joseph Nursing Home. I believe that this course is based on a great philosophy. Not only did this student arrive with the appropriate skill set and necessary capabilities, she also arrived with the knowledge of what it is like to work in a nursing home…She moved easily through the actual orientation process for this particular home and is an asset to our team.

Thanks so much!!”

Sharon, Director of Care

“I graduated from this course in July of this year. I found work with M.O.R.E. Services immediately. There is so much opportunity to use what I was taught. Home Care., Adult Living, Senior Care and Hospice within our community. And to have the hands-on training at Mount St. Joseph was the cherry on the sundae. Highly recommend it.”

Heather, former graduate.

“Hi Glenda,

I just wanted to say that I knew I would enjoy being a resident attendant but I didn’t realize how much I would love it!

Thanks for being such a patient and thorough teacher. I really feel that this is where I’m suppose to be.”

Aimee, student